Welcome to our Origin story.

We're a Savannah-based coffee shop focusing on quality beverages, elevated experiences, and fostering an uplifting community.

Who We Are

We are a husband and wife team that is dedicated to serving up excellent caffeinated experiences. Throughout our journey together, we have always pursued business hand-in-hand. When we got married, we searched high-and-low for a mobile coffee bar to no avail; this was the initial inspiration for Origin. For the years afterward, inspiration kept flowing in from our trips across the country as we experienced diverse coffee cultures. We knew this was a venture our hearts wanted to pursue.

With a resume of creative entrepreneurship, there was not much holding us back. We love people, we love coffee, and we love a good party. In our lives, we wanted to intersect our love of coffee and desire to serve the needs of our community. That’s why a portion of our proceeds and our time go to serving our houseless community in Savannah, GA.It is our joy to serve a variety of events in Savannah and throughout the United States. Our shop, mobile coffee bar, and professional baristas provide a unique experience that is guaranteed to impress.

Much love,
Matt & Elise

Beyond Coffee

Our goal with this shop is to use Origin as a vehicle to love and serve our community.

Every month we take a portion of our profit to help feed the local houseless community. As we have been developing our food menu, we have been able to use all of our bread samples to create lunches for those in need.

In addition to these initiatives, we are also working with Inpiritus – a beautiful organization that helps refugees find employment. With the amount of war that the world is witnessing in real-time, being able to employ four refugees upon opening is one of our greatest honors.

We can't wait to see how this effort grows. We know this is just the beginning.

Team Effort

All cliches aside, it's true that it takes teamwork to make the dream work.

This community-focused coffee shop could not exist without the amazing community and team that has come together over the years. These driven and compassionate baristas, creatives, and humans are brewing something new in the Savannah coffee scene and we're excited to be a part.